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A hyperkinetic little whirlwind of a girl, Clare (nicknamed Clareykins) is a product of kawaii culture—she loves cute things and desires to be the cutest thing in the entire solar system! Oh, and by the way, she’s completely evil.

Clare’s specialty is assassination, with a side order of sabotage and demolitions. She’s the last being you’d ever suspect to be capable of the tasks she performs, and she uses that presupposition to her advantage.

Clare has declared herself as Jodi’s arch-enemy, and it’s her fondest wish to murder Jodi in some spectacular way. Her reasoning is simple: Jodi is the cutest member of the most famous team in the solar system. By killing such a high-profile cute target, Clare would then become the highest-profile cutie there is!

Clare met Gibbs during a Titan Force Five mission in which the team crushed the evil plans of Clare’s then-employer. Gibbs took interest in the strange little girl who radiated malevolence, and made a mental note to utilize her in the future. And the future is now.

When Clare was on Mercury, she was beaten by Jodi and Sahsa by a combination of teamwork and cheating, eventually punting her into an energy beam. She is presumed dead but some suspect her to still be alive, thinking it would take more than that to kill her...

"I don't get hurt.. not like you!"

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Voiced By Adrianne Palicki

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